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  “All 3 of our children are students of Strickland’s Taekwondo.  They all started their journey at age 5.  Our two oldest have earned their Black Belts.  The journey has not always been easy or fun.  However,  by keeping our eye on the goal, we have learned to balance other sports and interests, knowing the importance Taekwondo is and will be in their lives.  The school teaches discipline and self-respect that will help our children as they go thru life.  Our family is very grateful to Mr. Strickland and his team for providing our children with such a great school.”


~John & MarykaySmith - Parents

  “At 4 years old, my son was diagnosed with a serious medical condition that required extensive medication.  This medication was affecting his ability to focus and had implications for his long term development.  That same summer we received a flyer in the mail about Mr. Strickland’s school.  We enrolled our son and daughter in his “little ninja” program, hoping it would help my son focus despite the medication… years have passed since then, and both kids are great! They have remained with Mr. Strickland, earning second degree black belts, but that’s the least of what he has taught them, through instruction and example, he and his staff provide life lessons in personal character.  The kids learn to have confidence in their own abilities.  That failure is not the end, to just keep trying and they will succeed.  Mr. Strickland does teach Tae Kwon Do, but the students learn so much more in the process!  Looking back the kids have been with you almost 8 years, time really files.  I wanted to thank you also for everything you have taught them.  I get comments from school about how “good” they are, you helped with that.  We were very lucky to have found you!” 

~Andy Overton - Parent

“Our son has been with Strickland’s Taekwondo for almost 4 years.  Not one time has he asked if he could quit and he now holds the rank of 1st degree Senior Black belt.  That speaks for itself!! He has learned valuable life lessons such as hard work and perseverance.  He loves going to class because he learns and has fun too!  We love Strickland’s TKD because he offers classes 6 days a week, which allows our son to do taekwondo and other extracurricular activities throughout the year.  Mr. Strickland himself is always available talk to if you have questions or concerns.  Thanks Strickland’s Taekwondo!!”

~Stephanie & Greg Rossi - Parents

  “I didn't know what to expect when at age 53, I started pursuing my life long dream of studying martial arts. It was my good fortune that I was referred to Strickland's Tae Kwon Do by a former student. Mr. Strickland and the other senior students have created an environment that is both fun and demanding. Classes have evolved to more than just tae kwon do and involve other forms of martial arts that are customized for the adult student. The guest instructors have been phenomenal, which is a testament to Mr. Strickland's stature in the martial arts community. While an injury not related to my TKD training set me back for several months, I am glad to be back in class and I am amazed at the progress my fellow students have made.”

~Tim Bienek -Student

  My son has learned a lot under coach Strickland's instruction, improved not only the Teakwondo skills, but also his personal characters, such as patience, persistance, respecting others.....As a mom, one thing I'll have to say is the coach's speech after each Belt Test, which inspires and encourages the youth as well as the parents in dealing with hardship, frustration and dismay. This is truly a place to train your body and mind!”

~Jenny Sheng - Parent

  “My son Seena started Taekwondo at age 4 and was with another organization for 3 years.  He was not happy and wanted to quit Taekwondo for good until we met Mr. Strickland through another friend. That was 5 years ago!  Since that time Seena has gotten his 2nd degree Black belt.  He loves & respect Mr. Strickland so much that he wanted to become a member of the Tiger Team by his own decision, and he just recently was promoted to trainee.

He is so happy that Taekwondo has become his first priority in life because of Mr. Strickland and his 30 years experience!  We as parents send Seena to class with much trust and lots of respect as we know Mr. Strickland is the best in this area, and he is the only one that we always recommend to everyone.

We appreciate you so much Mr. Strickland for being the #1 instructor!”

~Soheila & Masoud Farhadi - Parents

  We love Strickland's Taekwondo! The instructors are wonderful! They are patient and make the classes enjoyable. Our son has anxiety which is not a visible disability. Since he began taking classes at Strickland's, we have seen a huge improvement with his confidence level. When he started, he wouldn't even step through the doors but once he did the transition began. From the discipline instilled, to the exercise and the fun our son has, we could not be more pleased. Thank you Strickland's for all you have done to help our son push through his daily struggles!”

~Colette Volkmer -Parent

  “GREAT school, AWESOME instructors, EXCELLENT workout, POSITIVE environment! Our daughters have been attending since 2010 and love it. Mr. Strickland and his instructors have done a wonderful job coaching and encouraging them. Our oldest just obtained her black belt. She is very proud of her accomplishment and that she stuck with it when things got tough. A great lesson to learn and great confidence builder! She now wants to be an instructor one day. Our youngest, who has a little extra energy, is learning skills to help her stay focused. She loves to come into class and work hard and is proud to show what she's learned.”

~Dawn Turner - Parent

  “My son studied Taekwondo at another area school for 5 years. He has learned more in the last 6 months than in the 5 years previously. This school is fantastic! The instructors are both very professional and very good with kids of all types. They have created a great atmosphere for kids to learn Taekwondo and have fun doing it. Highly recommended!”

~Robert Patrick -Parent

“I have two daughters enrolled in Strickland’s TKD, and it has been a great experience for both. Not only does it build their self-confidence, but it also give them a sense of accomplishment for the hard work and dedication they enlist. I can definitely see the changes in attitude and demeanor since they’ve been taking the classes. Students of all ages and aptitudes are welcomed here… What I respect most about Strickland’s TKD, is that nothing is just given / handed out to the students. The students need to work hard and pass necessary testing to rank up in their belts. This is a great lesson to the students and prepares them for the real world. My oldest had “no changes” (not ranking up), but stuck with it and recently received her 1st Degree Black Belt. She is so proud of herself for this accomplishment, and her family couldn’t be more proud either. This is a Great School.”

~Kris Seastrom -Parent

  “My son joined Stricklands Taekwondo 6 years back and has enjoyed every class till date . He has evolved so much not only in his martial art skills but also in his personality and confidence level . Mr Strickland is a very friendly but firm teacher . I like the way he inculcates discipline and body control at a very young age. He gives them positive encouragement when they fail in a form or do not break a board , which truly helps them to perform better next time. My son looks forward to meeting his wonderful instructors every day and they are all super friendly. He is always happy to go to class and says it's a stress reliever after a long day at school.”

~Remesh Kuttat - Parent

  I wanted to write to share with you about my experience with your school this summer while you were out of the country. I met Ms. Alesia at the 4th of July parade and received the coupon to try a weeks of classes free. I saw Drew there, too, but not being familiar with the uniforms/colors & designations, I thought he was a student. Ms. Alesia, as she introduced herself, and I talked and had much in common. I really felt that your school could be a place that I would enjoy learning. So, on Monday, here I came! :)

Last November I was diagnosed with adrenal fatigue since having my now 2 year old. I know that doing very much cardio at a time drains my adrenal glands and floors my energy, but I felt I had to try 1. for my own curiosity, 2. because I would never know how it might turn out otherwise & 3. I really wanted to get my body moving. 

I arranged for my mom to watch my son & a little friend that I sit and so was able to get away.

When I walked into your school, Drew Cain met me and gave me school/class/tuition info. (I called him Mr. Drew and he said I didn't have to use the Mr. LOL)  I was struck by his professionalism, character and demeanor. When class started with stretches, my body wouldn't do all of them, but I did my best. Drew and classmates were all very encouraging as I gave my best efforts for the odd things I was making my body do, but I felt empowered. (Odd from my body's perspective).

That was Monday; I worked with Monique. I came Tuesday and worked with Ms. Alesia. Coming two days in a row laid me up through Wednesday, so I'm glad that there was no morning adult class that day. Then, I came halfway through class on Thursday, when I worked with Heather (if I'm remembering correctly.) My mom was watching the boys and I needed to run some errands while I had the chance. However, I also realized that I did not know how to set boundaries for myself in this intense of a workout and for one hour. Drew did give me some tips that, when I get the opportunity, I will try.

'm sharing all of this because in my experience, and I'm confident that otherwise, your school didn't miss a beat while you were gone!  I really hope that you've received similar feedback from others because Drew really impressed me with what he brought to the table. He is young, but he is very much a man in maturity, strength of character.  He returned calls in a timely manner. All the students and instructors obviously respect him. 

It's such a relief and a joy to find a place that empowers young men (&, yes, women) in a culture that has taken feminism too far and berated masculinity as stupidity or a weakness.

I'm sure that you had no doubts about leaving the school in Drew's hands, but I wanted you to know from another perspective, too. I really enjoyed my experience there. Have a wonderful week!”

~Gabriellah Obrecht - Guest

Parent's Night Out

Time for a night off?  Drop your kids off with us for a night of Taekwondo skills, drills, games, pizza, and treats!  Our instructors will be serving up the fun!  Open to all children ages 5-13.  Siblings and friends are welcome too, but don’t delay because spots fill quickly. Parents Night Outs are scheduled for select Friday evenings, so check our upcoming events to see when your next night out is!

Holiday Parent's Day Out - We know there is sooo much to do around the holiday season.  Here is your opportunity to have a Saturday afternoon all to yourself.  Take care of some holiday shopping.  Wrap gifts while kids are not around.  Just enjoy some peace and quiet!  Whatever you decide to do, drop your children off with us for three hours of Dodgeball, relay races, Taekwondo games, obstacle courses and more!  We'll send them home tired!  They might even ask to get in bed early on a Saturday night... (well, that might never happen, but we can try!)


Camps are one day or one week of action packed martial arts and fun. The camps are not just for our students!  Friends and family members are welcome to attend too! 

Have fun making new friends or renewing old ones as you spend your day(s) attending class in traditional forms, weapons, sparring, self defense, aerial kicks, Jiujitsu, playing games, watching movie and so much more. Students ages 5 and up enjoy the camaraderie, energy, and expertise of our camp instructors in these fun filled camps.


Board Break-a-thon

Strickland’s Taekwondo host a annual Board Break-A-thon benefiting any one of the many local charities in the community.  This event is held in front of the school every year in the late spring to early summer.  The students themselves raise several hundred dollars each to participate in the board breaking under the supervision of the instructors. The break-a-thon has raised over $2500.00 at past events, as well as providing support to such organizations as Humane Society of Flower Mound, Animal Allies, Be The Match, Hound Haven, Apollo Support and Rescue and Guinea Pig Rescue just to name a few.  Students of all ages and belt levels participate in this fun and exciting, designed for charity events.

Class in the Grass/Picnic

Our students enjoy an annual Class in the Grass in Highland Village at Unity park next to Kids Castle every year.  Students of all ages and belt ranks get to participate in fun target drills, forms and free sparring under the supervision of the instructors.  Following the class in the grass there is a hot dog roast and chili cook off with prizes for the best chili!  The event is a family affair with students bringing drinks and side items to the picnic, as well as their water guns for our annual water gun fight!  

Tournament competition

One of the most exciting opportunities you will have at Strickland’s Taekwondo is competing in both Regional and National tournaments.  While participation in tournament competition is never mandatory, we strongly encourage everyone to take part in it. Tournament competition is designed to be an important part of your overall martial arts training.  Tournaments inspire us to push ourselves harder and do our best to compete well.  This means that no matter the outcome of the competition, all participants will go home a winner!

Tournaments offer a division for every age and every rank, from the beginner White Belt to the experienced Black Belt. Whereas at testings students are judged against a standard to determine whether they are ready for the next level of training, at tournaments, students are judged against each other in two separate competitions, forms and sparring.  Talk to one of our instructors for specific competition rules or to receive extra help preparing for the next upcoming regional or national tournament competition. Our Taekwondo United tournaments have been supportive in raising funds and donations for several local and national charity organizations, like Smile Train and the American Diabetes Association just to name a few.

Regional Tournament:

May 5th Haltom City, TX

May 12th Orange Beach, AL

National Tournament:

September 28th -29th 2018 Huntsville, AL

Dallas, March 8th -9th 2019