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Adults' Martial Arts
Ages 17+

The ancient art of Taekwondo incorporates exciting kicks and strikes with practical self defense skills. Our unique method of teaching enhances self-esteem, improves fitness and concentration, and enables our students to achieve success through Martial Arts based life skills and personal development. Our adult classes focus on three key aspects of Taekwondo: the traditional and artistic aspect, the fitness and sport aspect, and self defense.

And if fitness is your goal, our Adult Taekwondo classes are for you! Our classes will help you develop core strength, improve balance and stability, increase aerobic endurance and give you a whole body workout that develops long, lean muscles.

Whether you are looking to get fit or stay in shape, give Taekwondo a try. Classes run 1 hour!

Tiger Teens Ages 12-16

An action packed class designed specifically for students age twelve to sixteen. This class incorporates the most exciting and physically challenging elements of the Martial Arts. Our classes are specifically designed to instill confidence as the students develop and advance in their training. It addresses the challenges that teens are experiencing today and provides a disciplined atmosphere with positive role models for students to train. Classes run 1 hour!

Tiger Kids Ages 7-12

This is a specially designed Martial Arts program geared toward children age’s seven through eleven.  Students learn important life skills through the ancient art of Taekwondo. Our unique method of teaching enhances fitness, self-control, discipline, and self-esteem. Students learn exciting kicks and strikes, as well as important means of self-defense. Beginner classes will not only teach your children the basic skills of Taekwondo, but will benefit them in many other ways, such as:

fostering self-discipline

boosting socialization skills

encouraging physical activity

learning to set and achieve goals

increased self esteem

instilling a sense of respect

improving listening skills

developing teamwork skills

As students advance in their training, we continue to foster these life lessons and build on their Taekwondo skills. In addition to the Taekwondo training, we offer competitions, sparring, and weapons training for our advanced students. Classes run 45 minutes!

Tiny Tigers Ages 4-6

Our specialized pre-school program is an age specific curriculum professionally designed to teach children age’s four to six. Students learn important life skills in a fun, exciting, and enriching manner. Our secret to teaching your child coordination, concentration, and self-control is a unique method we like to call “edu-tainment”. Classes run 30 minutes!

Our Tiny Tigers program focuses specifically on developing eight different life skills. Skills that will help them excel in our Martial Arts classes, in the classroom at school, and at other sports. These skills are:










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