So, want to be part of Strickland's Tiger Team of Instructors and Trainees?
Get ready to teach martial arts with a passion!

    After demonstrating a sincere desire to work hard with dedication and commitment, you or your child may be invited to join Strickland’s Tiger Team Instructor/Trainee Leadership Program.  The program is designed to teach our black belts to be leaders – in our karate school, with their peers, and in their community.  Both adults and children get to wear an instructor collar on their uniform when assisting or teaching in class.  

    There is a lot of responsibility placed upon them as the instructor/trainee is given the opportunity to learn important decisions, and for the children to mature.  Tiger Team members are the best of the best in our school, and will receive advanced leadership training over and above our traditional class curriculum. This program is available to all invited students and adds an incredible value to our martial arts program, as well as educating the instructor/trainee. To join the program you must be at least 9 years of age and a 1st degree decided black belt! 

What are the requirements?

    All trainees must keep a log book, logging all the classes they teach and attend, as well as all testing’s, award ceremonies, tournaments, seminars, clinics, camps, and any other Taekwondo functions they attend.  This log in itself is a valuable tool when applying for a college later.  The Leadership Team is a continuous education system that allows the student to become a better instructor through time.  Students may join the team at any time and at any given age.  As they grow and mature in age and in their knowledge of Taekwondo they may test up the collar ranks. First time testers receive a Strickland’s Taekwondo Team Tiger T-shirt they can wear in class when they workout.

    While assisting or instructing they must wear their instructor uniform jacket.  All team leaders must assist in 1 class per week and maintain their log and a regular workout schedule of their own. The collar test is held here locally at belt testing or at one of the 3 national events.


Red-White-Blue collar 1 inch trim (Jr. Trainee) - Ages 9 and 10 - The student must be knowledgeable in the white-yellow-orange belt forms, curriculum, and sparring combos.  They must know their own form.  Testing is held locally here at the school.

Blue collar (Trainee) 1 inch trim - Ages 11 and 12 – The student must be knowledgeable in the white-yellow-orange-green-purple-blue belt forms.  They must know the sparring combos and all curriculums to the blue belt level.  They must know their current black belt form.  Testing is held locally.

Red collar 1inch trim (Senior Trainee) Ages 13 through 15 - The student must be knowledgeable in all forms and curriculum from white belt through their own black belt rank.  Testing is held locally.


Red and Black collar 1 inch trim (Jr. Certified Instructor) Ages 15 through 16 - The student must be a Sr. Trainee (Red collar) with a minimum of two years at that level.  The student must be knowledgeable in all forms and curriculum.  Testing is held at a National event.

Black collar 1 inch trim (Certified Instructor) Ages 16 and up - The student must be knowledgeable in all forms and curriculum to their own rank.  Testing is held locally.

Black collar 1.5 inch trim (Sr. Certified Instructor) Ages 19 and up - The student must be knowledgeable in all curriculum.  Test is held at a National event.

Contact Mr. Strickland or the Leadership Team coordinator Mrs. Juanita Clements about becoming the newest member of the Tiger Team!

5 Star Testimonials

“Mr. Strickland and Tiger Team,
Keep up the good work guys!  Never settle for “Good enough”!  Always give your all, try your best!  Make me proud!  My friends, it has meant so much to me to see all of you come so far.  I started exactly where all of you guys did, as a student and I got to where I am the same way.  I now all of you: Will work and have a never give up attitude.  You guys can teach as well as I can, so just get out there and do it!  Make your students the best black belts out there! Thank you guys for being awesome friends!”

~Scott Wolf
4th degree Black Belt - Student
Certified Instructor 

“You know...I became an instructor back when I was a first degree senior (I believe)...through the years I have learned to instruct and motivate.  However, these past two years(after graduation) I have grown into an instructor I would have never thought I could be.  Today, I was teaching a trainee instructor how to teach a class and realized that Mr. Conrad Vickroy, Mr. George Strickland and Mrs. Juanita Clements have sculpted me into the instructor I am today. Inside and out of the Taekwondo environment....and for that, I am thankful and forever in your debt.”

~Drew Cain
3rd degree Sr. Black Belt - Student
Sr. Certified Instructor

“No matter what city you are in find a good school. One of the best things that ever happened to our family was the road to learning what it means to earn a black belt. Thank you Mr. Strickland”

~Brad Folkins 
2nd degree Black Belt - Student

  “Mr. Strickland is the best. He has a passion for his students and his art that makes him great. Every time I have been in his school you see the same thing....smiling faces!”

~Bobby Lindamood - School owner
Lindamoods Martial Arts
Roanoke, VA.

 “I love to see how all these kids that started with you when they were so young and what they have all accomplished as young adults.  I always give credit to you and TKD for having such a positive influence on them all and helping guide them to where they are now.”

~Cheryl Comstock Cleveland - Parent

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