Our 5 star Testimonials

  Senior Master George Strickland is probably the most knowledgeable martial artist I have met in my 10+ years of training self-defense. His school's high level of professional instruction has inspired an entire organization of other school owners. As an individual instructor, he has motivated me to continue to learn and strive for so much more. I look forward to the next decade of training with Strickland's Taekwondo. The students are a positive and welcoming group of athletes.”

~Mary Ann Sobczak Chisholm ~ Student

“This school is amazing.  My son started here and got his black belt!  Mr. Strickland not only promotes a since of accomplishment within the students, but he does it in a fun and friendly manner.  I would highly recommend this school to any parent wanting to start their child in a karate class.”

~Timeya Nenasheva ~ Parent

  “Love this place!  I was so bored at the gym doing the same thing all the time.  I found Strickland's TKD about 1 1/2 years ago and have not looked back!  I get a great physical and mental workout.  Lots of great people to work out with.  Great family atmosphere and a lot of extra family and group activities.  Plenty of class times to choose from. Stop by and judge for yourself!”

~William Reaves ~ Student

  I enjoy attending this dojang. There's a good mix of styles and the instruction is provided in a friendly atmosphere; encouragement without judgment . There is a good balance of form, function, and fitness. The facility is clean, bright, and well maintained. My young son also attends. He has a lot of fun while learning his forms, and the instructors do a great job of keeping the kiddos moving while instilling respect and teamwork. The school also offers a lot of other activities such as guest instructors and demonstrations, anti-bullying classes, and the occasional get together outside of the school. We've had nothing but positive experiences at this school. Highly recommend.”

~Darren Trout - Student/Parent

“Strickland's Taekwondo is the best Taekwondo place! I am a student who transferred to his school when I was 13, after four years at another school, and I have to say, I wish I would have started here. I have been taking classes for about 12 years, and have achieved third degree black belt, and it's all because of the great instruction at this studio. I am constantly learning new things about myself, about life, and things to help me progress through the ranks. Mr. Strickland is one of the best instructors among the many great instructors you will come across at this school. The instructors teach so you have fun, and learn at the same time. That is really hard to find. There are so many class times for you to go too, and the atmosphere is amazing. You will never leave class without feeling like you accomplished something that day. I am proud to say I am a member of this school! This Taekwondo studio has changed my life for the better! Come in and try a class, and begin your awesome journey!” :)

~Alycia Mueller ~ Student

“My 15 year old son has been attending Strickland's TKD for just over 10 years now. I am constantly amazed at how much of what he has learned there spills over into his everyday life. Not just the athletic ability but the confidence,discipline and treating everyone with respect no matter who they are. Mr. Strickland has an outstanding program and we looked at a few other's in the area before realizing that his school and student's were exaclty what we were looking for for our son. I am sure the the TKD helped his coordination and athletic ability which we see today as he is now a 3rd Degree Blackbelt and a Junior Certified Instructor. Kudo's to Mr. Strickland and all the great folk's at his school for working together to make sure everyone has a positive outcome at his school.”

~Bart Hege ~ Parent

  “After being involved in karate for the last 10 years i truly feel that George Stricklands Taekwondo school is the best karate school in Denton County.  Being an 8th Degree Black Belt himself, he has so much to teach the men and women boys and girls that attend his school.  Mr. Strickland impresses on everyone the importance of the Taekwondo tenants inside his classroom and to carry those values forward in life day to day. Absolutely the best experience our family has had.”

~Betty Sircely ~ Grandparent

  Thanks for being my teacher but most of all a true unconditional friend, a brother.”

~Pedro Valesquez - Student / Instructor

“Since I began training in Taekwondo 29 years ago, I've seen many martial arts schools around the country. Strickland's Taekwondo is on the level with the best of them. The facility itself is top notch, and the knowledge of Senior Master Strickland can help any student become a better martial artist, regardless of age or rank. It was a fantastic and memorable experience from the time I stepped off the plane, until the time I left. The students and families there are unbeatable with their hospitality!

Thank you for the experience, and for the opportunity to meet such fine folks!”

~Ted Turgeon - School owner Jacksonville Taekwondo Center, Jacksonville, AL.

  “This facility is one of class. Mr. Strickland and his instructors and students demonstrated what martial arts is all about respect,

integrity, and to build confidence. I have been training for over 34 years and visited this dojo and highly recommend it to anyone of any age.” (Attended the Bill “Superfoot” Wallace seminar)

~Michael Rangel

Rangel Karate Academy

Fort Worth, TX

Best martial arts studio I've ever been apart of. I've gone to another Karate school in the area, and they don't compare to the amount of knowledge and skill that Mr. Strickland provides for his students.”

~William Mize - Student

  “My son has attended for a few years now and loves it. The staff is always friendly and my son is treated extremely well. In addition to the TKD he learns, he learns real world life skills like respect for others and trying your best. This school not only improves his TKD skills, but he is a better athlete in other sports because of what he learns at Strickland TKD.”

~John Cannedy - Parent

  “We enrolled our 10 year old grandson, Alton at Strickland's in January 2015 because we heard that martial arts would help with confidence and self control. While it is not an immediate change, over the past six months we can really see him changing. He is really excited to go to his classes and learn. He especially likes the sparring! I can’t say enough about the positive reinforcement he continually receives from all of the staff including the student teachers. I recently heard a mother mention she thought the greatest benefit of learning martial arts was knowing both her son and daughter would be safe when they went off to college, a benefit I had not yet considered!”

~ David Doherty - Grand Parent

  “He's the best and so are all the instructors there! They are all very supportive, everyone cheers each other on, like being part of a family, positive environment.... truly adhere to the tenets of Taekwondo.”

~Deepika Jain - Parent

  “We are delighted and honored to recommend Strickland's Taekwondo for those that have expressed an interest in learning this special art. We have deep respect and admiration for Mr. Strickland in his leadership, teaching, coaching and supreme enthusiasm in teaching the art of Taekwondo. Our daughter, Doris, has been attending Strickland's Taekwondo for the past five years. Mr. Strickland provides quality training in martial arts and he delivers something really valuable to all his students at Strickland's Taekwondo. He has an uncanny ability to connect with his students with a level of respect and true interest in their accomplishments. He is authentic, credible and leaves a lasting impression for all who enter his doors. We are hugely pleased and highly recommend him and his school 100%! -The Olenkiewicz Family, August 2015.”

~Lysva Olenkiewicz - Parent

  "Amazing" is the only word to describe the level of coaching and sense of pride you will get from Stricklands Taekwondo. The student teachers are VERY skilled and rival any other owner/masters I have met at various places around town, tournaments and just from talking to my friends and coworkers whose children are also in Taekwondo. If you want superior training, and a fun but challenging environment then this is the only place you need to visit. You won't regret it. Mr Strickland and Mr Cain place an emphasis on responsibility, teamwork, and respect – of not only your instructors and peers, but yourself as well. Taekwondo has given my son the confidence to try new things, the opportunity to set goals and follow them through, the ability to persevere in tough situations, and the satisfaction of overcoming a challenge. My son has been studying with Mr Strickland and Mr Cain since he was seven years old. He is now 11 and now a Black Belt. All the support and life skills Mr Strickland and Mr Cain and Taekwondo have taught him he has made our parenting job that much easier. Along with the moral values he teaches, Mr Strickland and Mr Cain’s technique in Taekwondo is matched by no one else. Our whole family holds Mr Strickland and Mr Cain and all the student instructors in the highest esteem. His extensive knowledge and patience bring an appreciation of the art of Taekwondo to kids with a wide variety of ages and abilities. Mr Strickland and Mr Cain earns my respect with his calm, self-assured instruction.”

~David Dicken - Parent

  “Excellent Place for Taekwondo. Clean, friendly and organized. Coaches are all nice and helpful.”

~David Sheng - Parent

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Weapons Training

Weapons training is an excellent way to have fun in martial arts. However, there is much more to it than just having fun: You child's focus is going to increase ten-fold as great deal of concentration is needed to operate a traditional weapon. It will also increase your child's balance, coordination, and because most weapons have some weight to them, their use will develop muscle tone and strength. Our Junior and adult students get to train with the Bo Staff, Escrima stick, Nunchaku, and Kubaton.  Classes are offered twice a week in a mixed belt junior and adult format.  The weapons are rotated every eight weeks after students are tested on the weapon in that rotation.

Martial arts weapons are considered an extensions of the martial artist’s own body. For example, strikes with a weapon are really extended hand strikes. Blocks with a weapon are representation of traditional martial arts blocking techniques.

It is important for martial arts students to be first proficient with martial arts techniques using their own bodies before learning to use any martial arts weapon. This will help your child understand the applications behind each weapon's technique much better.


Strickland’s Taekwondo offers several seminar’s an year as well a exciting clinic’s before every testing.  These seminars and clinics are a great way for our students to learn new and exciting martial arts from different instructors that come to our school from all over the country. 

Seminars’ are offered in Weeping Jujutsu, Escrima, Kubaton, Anti-abduction, Bullying, Nunchaku, Brazilian Jujitsu, Krav Maga, Sword, and kick boxing with martial arts legends like Bill “Superfoot Wallace.”

Clinics are offered over the course of the year to the Taekwondo students.  They teach the students to better defend themselves, while engaging and informing them in areas of sparring, target drills, form, Extreme kicking and board breaking.

Belt Testings

Our unique Taekwondo program offers a systematic method of student development and progress measured by colored belts. Most schools just promote students through the system, like a belt factory.  At Strickland’s Taekwondo however, the instructors will guide you and/or your child through the proper training required to achieve each rank to Black Belt and beyond in Taekwondo.

Our martial arts program divides the various stages of experience and ability into ranks denoted by colored belts. Students begin as a White Belt in our program and as their experience and knowledge increases, they become eligible to test for more advanced ranks.

By dividing our curriculum into sections, students learn to take on new challenges and set short term goals for themselves. Learning to tackle complex and comprehensive bodies of knowledge by breaking them down into smaller portions is a skill that benefits our students in their Taekwondo training as well as in an academic class or a professional setting.

As a student of martial arts, you will soon realize there is much to learn and much to earn.  As you learn things in class, you will earn stripes on your Taekwondo belt.  After you have earned all of the required stripes on your belt, you will be eligible to test for your next rank.  We offer belt testings every eight weeks for all eligible students to test to earn their next belt.

Testing is a very important part of our Martial Arts program. Motivation, confidence, and improved skill are all goals we have for our students. The testing experience is one way we can positively challenge you to be your best.  Testing is a formal event where students wear their full uniform and perform the material for their current rank.  In the days after the testing, we hold an awards ceremony to award students with their new belts and certificates and celebrate our students progress.  If you still need to earn stripes or have any questions about whether or not you are ready to test for your next belt, please let us know. We never set a student up for failure, and we make every test a positive learning experience.  Our instructors are committed to preparing you for this exciting new experience!

By the way, we do not roll your test fees into your tuition as we see no need for your paying for a service that you may not be getting.