Celebrating our 18th

We opened in Highland Village in 2001 and relocated to our current location in Flower Mound in 2011

Strickland’s Taekwondo is the largest family owned Karate school in Flower Mound, TX.  Since our beginnings in Tillman’s Corner AL. in 1984 to our current location in Flower Mound,TX. we have been providing the finest martial arts, self-defense & fitness training for hundreds of children, teens and adults for over 30 years!  We serve the Flower Mound, Highland Village, Lewisville and the surrounding communities with NO CONTRACTS!

We are a professional full-time martial arts school unlike any other in the area.  At Strickland’s Taekwondo Karate you will learn true self defense as well as traditional Taekwondo, aka Korean Karate, from highly skilled and unique professionals with many years of martial arts experience that take their job seriously.  Our instructor team is comprised of full time paid instructors, as well as volunteers that teach class for the sheer enjoyment.  More importantly, all the instructors are personal students of Mr. Strickland, trained by him.  As well as learning an ancient martial art, you will also benefit from high-energy workouts and fun programs. You will train in a spacious and safe environment.  Come see what sets us apart from other schools in the metroplex.   We have exciting karate, kickboxing, anti-bully, and self defense classes for Children, Teens, and Adults - ages 4 and up!


“I encourage you to click around our site.  Take a look and discover what you can about what sets us apart from the competition.  Then, when you are ready, contact us to try a class.  That contact could make a huge difference in the quality of your life.  It could be the beginning of a life long journey. See you soon!

-George Strickland, Owner/Instructor

We are located in Flower Mound, Texas and have been serving the Flower Mound, Highland Village, Lewisville, Lantana, Argyle, Copper Canyon, Double Oak and Grapevine communities for 16 years.

If you cannot find something on our site or want more information email us at stricklandstkd@gmail.com or better yet, drop by for a visit or just call us at 972-691-0777.



   “Greatest TaeKwonDo Studio in North Texas... Most Respectful,Knowledgable,Caring and Talented Instructor. Family Atmosphere, lots of Great Talent at this School..!!”

~Jimmie Campbell - Parent & student

  “Having been involved in martial arts for 20 years, and taking classes/teaching for Mr. Strickland for 10, I can truly say that I am still consistently LEARNING at the school The students who have grown up to be Dr's and Nurses and Military officers and others study to achieve these goals of service are a source of pride for all of us. More importantly right now, though, is the focus on the best interest of the student, regardless of athletic talent or challenges. In most every conversation, one of us will say ... "it's all about the student". I am very proud to be associated with this school.”

~Conrad Vickroy - Student/Parent/Instructor

“The work he does is amazing. I have watched this man take children with disabilities in their thinking and coordination and safely turn them into outcome oriented, self motivated leaders and I have only been with the school just over 2 years. The way he thinks and the way he ensures their safety is rather outside the box, while empowering them....”

~Alesia Dick - Parent & student

  “Our son started with Mr. Strickland when he first opened his doors in Highland Village. Our daughters begged for months to start. (We have triplets). They were all 10 years old when they began Taekwondo and worked hard to become 3rd degree Black Belts before leaving for college. I can't say enough about this program and Mr. Strickland. His dedication and commitment to his students is amazing. I give credit where credit is due and I know this organization had a huge impact on my family. The instructors and other families became part of our family. All 3 of our kids have graduated college, our son is working and our girls are in grad school and working to become a physical therapist and a physician assistant. The values that were instilled in our children thru Mr. Strickland's Taekwondo are still with them today as they pursue their dreams. I would highly recommend Strickland's Taekwondo to anyone looking for a quality organization filled with dedicated and wonderful people.”

~Chery Comstock Cleveland - Parent

  “Brooklyn Jones and I loved being part of the TKD family. Made life long friends on our journey to obtaining our black belts... The fundamentals learned in TKD have helped shape the lives of some pretty amazing kids. When I look at all the kids who participated and where they are today it is clear the one consistent variable TKD was a major contributing factor to their success... So proud of them all!”

~Jeana Quintana-Jones - Parent & student

“Thank you Mr. Strickland, and all of your staff, for giving our son one of the greatest experiences of his life. Your classes have taught our son so many important life lessons throughout his six years at your school. From White belt to Second Degree Black Belt, Daniel has experienced successes and failures, made friends and learned self defense skills for life!! What he has obtained and earned through your classes and his perserverance, no one can take away from him. Your school is one of care and concern and fairness to everyone, and I highly recommend it for both kids and adults!!”

~Karen Hayden - Parent

  “My son, Zach, recently earned his 3rd degree Black Belt – I’m so proud I could bust!  Having moved here in 2006, Zach wanted to try karate since some of his new friends were involved with the sport.  How fortunate we were to stumble on Strickland’s Tae Kwon Do.  Not only is Mr. Strickland one of the top ranked Black Belts in the country, his team of instructors are amazing.  While they teach students the fundamentals of each belt form, they also build character and instill discipline.  Everyone celebrates each student’s success as they progress from one belt to the next, but they also help students learn to deal effectively with failure (although they would never use that word).  Never critical, each instructor helps the student understand what changes need to be in their Form, Sparring, or Board Breaking to make them successful – and that practice and perseverance are key.  This is more than just Tae Kwon Do, this is learning about life.  After progressing through 20 belts, my 15 year old son is now a 3rd Degree Black Belt!  Thank you to Mr. Strickland and his team for helping to shape the man my son is becoming.”

-Kathy Hensel - Parent

  “I have been a part of Mr. Strickland’s school for going on 9 years now and look forward to many more.  My three boys also attend his school and having this experience with them is immeasurable. They have benefited in numerous ways having Mr. Strickland as their instructor.  I see it in their school work, other sports they play, how they handle difficult situations, how they interact with their peers and their determination to be the best they can be. As for me – it makes me smile…big!  TaeKwonDo is a continuous learning experience coupled with a lot of fun. Mr. Strickland is an excellent instructor and it is evident in the many black belts he has trained who go on to open their own schools. There is something very unique about Mr. Strickland’s school – it’s family.”       

~Carey Lynn Bushnell & Boys - Parent & student

   “Our son has been at Strickland's TKD since he was 5 1/2 years old. From the first day he walked into the place and saw a friendly face he was hooked. Now 10 years later our son has exceeded all of our expectations. At first he was just in awe of the older kids, and set being a Black belt as his goal as so many kids do, then it was Instructor Trainee as his goal, and now it is to become a 3rd Degree Black Belt in TKD. Along the way he has learned many valuable lessons trying to live up to what is expected from a person who attains that Black belt. His grades have been excellent, part of which we attribute to his memory from TKD and all the different forms. We have also heard over and over, your son is so polite which we also believe is related to what is expected from the kids at Mr. Strickland's TKD facility. Absolutely one of the biggest things our son has learned from TKD is that if you work hard, persevere and do your best you can achieve your goals, it won't happen overnight, but it will happen.”      

~Bart Hege -Parent

   “Obviously, we could have chosen any of the many local martial arts schools for Matthew and Ryan to attend.  Yours was the recurring answer in ALL of the suggestions that we elicited from friends, neighbors & teachers.  It doesn’t get better than that.  This trail of compliments that led our boys to your school has positively changed their lives and our household.”

~Emily Pecoraro - Parent

   “MR. STRICKLAND IS DOING GREAT THINGS FOR THE KIDS!!! WE TOTALLY SUPPORT WHAT HE IS DOING!! George Strickland’s program is for the kids!! He is calm but forceful in his Anti-Bullying Campaign.  His program teaches kids how to react to bullying, and how to defend themselves against bullying.  Excellent presentation and the kids pick it up and go with it!!  Mr. Strickland provides excellent guidance throughout the presentation!! 


~Cherie Wilbanks

Forestwood MS

Girls’ Athletic Coor.

Phys. Ed Dept. Head

   After being involved in  Taekwondo  for 10 years the road to Black Belt is paved with accomplishments and defeats. Mr. Strickland teaches his students to be a reflection of the Tenets he teaches, Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self -Control, and to always have an Indomitable Spirit.

The amount of one on one training from this 8th Degree Master, Mr. Strickland, serves to strengthen the skills and boost the self-esteem of each student.

Taekwondo United is not just a exercise class but one that includes the actual explanation of self defense. How to use the moves for protection, as well as when to apply them in a given situation.

Taekwondo United supports area agency's by activities such as the break-a-thon. This activity encourages the students to collect tax deductible donations, resulting in an outstanding morning of extreme talent of board breaking in front of the school. This year donations will go to Hound Haven and Wild Rescue.

Each year all the Taekwondo United schools come together in Florida for a action packed fun filled reunion at Black Belt Camp. This is a wonderful time and one our teenager looks forward to each year. This not only is a camp to broaden the talent and knowledge base for everyone attending but one for fellowship and organized training.

In my opinion Mr. Strickland operates the best karate school in this area. He has definitely reignited the love for karate in our teen.”

~Betty Sircely - Grandparent

   Where do I start when I have so many positive things to say?  We started our oldest son, Payton, almost a year ago and we have been so proud to watch him grow with the encouragement and discipline he receives from the instructors in class. When we heard that most of his instructors were students who had grown to their 2nd, 3rd, and 4th degree black belts in Mr. Strickland's studio, we knew we had to be in a good spot. Payton really enjoys coming to class and learning new forms. The instructors teach new skills with patience and grace, taking a child's age into account for how he/she will perform the skills. Not only do they teach the skills of taekwondo, but respect for your elders and yourself is a strong foundation at Strickland's Tae Kwon Do. As a parent that is one of my favorite things about this place! I was super excited when he brought back Tiny Tigers classes...which we signed our youngest up for!! I have to say Mr. Cain is so wonderful with the kids and you can see that he truly enjoys what he does. I want to say a big thank you to Mr. Strickland and all the instructors for taking such great care of my babies, and we look forward to many more years to come!”


~Crystal Singleton - Parent

   “We are grateful that we have Mr. Strickland's School of Taekwondo in our community. For more than a decade he produces children with confidence and integrity. He is a great teacher and a role model for today's youth.” 

~Richard Young & Family - Parent

   “Thank you Mr Strickland for a wonderful news letter.. Both I and Kaitlyn set on the couch and read your news letter with tears in our eyes and joy in our hearts.. After reading the news letter, Katie said she wonders what life has in store for her.. What ever, we hope you continue to send the news letters out for each person to read and enjoy as much as us.........”


~Katie and Bob - Student & Grandparent

$199.00 Summer Special (includes uniform)

Offer good for new students only - restrictions apply - offer ends June 15th 2018*

“We will match any other school’s enrollment special

as we are committed to you and your child

earning a true Black Belt! No contracts! No hidden fees!

Give us a try and see what sets us apart!”

   Call TODAY 972-691-0777

What We Offer!

Strickland’s Taekwondo offers highly specialized martial arts classes taught by both Mr. Strickland a Sr. Master Instructor with 35 years martial arts experience, and by his nationally certified instructors staff, that has met both his strict standards and those required nationally by all Taekwondo United schools.  We don't just teach a sport, we teach true and practical self defense!

At Strickland’s we separate students based upon age and skill level.  There are classes for tots, kids, teens, and adults.

All memberships include:

▪Class attendance.

▪A Flexible Schedule that can work around you!

▪Day and weekend classes for kids and adults

▪Evening, night and weekend classes for teens and adults

▪Fun and motivational classes and clinics

▪A positive, clean, safe environment

▪Weight loss and self defense for any age

▪A bright clean school with the best modern equipment

Our Philosophy?

Ever see an old martial arts movie where the Instructor barks and yells like a drill sergeant?  We could teach that way if we wanted.  In fact, in the past we used too.  But we don't anymore!  With children our approach is more like the USMC meets Sesame Street!  Its FUN!

Here at Strickland’s we are as serious as need be about what we want from our students.  We do want them to push themselves to improve in all aspects of the art.  We expect nothing less than a student's best effort and for our students to show expertise and skill consummate with their training level.  We firmly believe that this can be done in a fun atmosphere where students can enjoy coming to class.  The more students enjoy class, the more they will come to class.  Time and repetition are the students best teachers.  What we do is make it fun and exciting for them!

Benefits of Training!

Increased Fitness - Our workouts help lead to a healthier lifestyle that will lead to weight loss, body conditioning, stamina, and increased endurance.  Whether you had a hard day at work, home or school, a workout like ours relieves stress while you have fun doing it and thats a big plus!

Build Self Confidence - Healthy people radiate self-confidence in every aspect of their lives.  Adults with self-confidence succeed at work while children with self-confidence succeed in the classroom.  With this confidence they have a A+ attitude with school work.  The life lessons students learn on the mat while working out will help them deal with most daily problems.  Parents, Self Confidence more than anything else keeps the bullies at bay!

Meet New & Exciting People - While working out, you will meet a lot of new and exciting people.  Working out next to your friend makes it more social and fun. Instead of seeing your work out as a chore, you will find that you enjoy the social setting while training along with and making new friends.

No Knuckle Heads - We have a family friendly attitude where anyone in any shape can start and progress.   Yes, we have talented, experienced and confident students and instructors.  However, our inclusive atmosphere ensures you are never left out of the fun.  We do not allow any negative or aggressive behavior, nor any misuse of Taekwondo in any way, shape or form in or out of our school - NO Knuckle Heads!

Take Class with Fun and Respectful Instructors - All of our instructors are professionally trained and nationally certified.  We understand that everyone is at a different fitness level and in every class; we adapt our drills to your fitness level.  We understand your goals and strive to help all ages to achieve their best in a positive environment.

Learn Self Defense Skills - In addition to learning how to kick and punch, students in our program are exposed to self-defense techniques from various disciplines that are practiced repeatedly for effectiveness.  You just can’t simply take one seminar or clinic and assume that you know self-defense.  The self-defense skills that we will teach you will develop over time.  For the parents out there, yes we will teach your child how to handle the bully physically in all manner of ways that many times do not escalate the situation.

We are part of a National Organization of United Schools - Strickland's Taekwondo is a member of Taekwondo United, a national co-op organization with member schools all across the United States.  All TU schools adhere to similar guidelines and procedures, including standards by which we teach and advance students in rank. TU has established a national reputation built upon trust and our standard of excellence in the field of martial arts.


  White belts are given, black belts are earned!

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Over 100 5-star reviews on Google, Yelp and Facebook.
We are the best martial arts school in the Flower Mound area.

For more information call us at 972-691-0777.

We are a LIDS after school external PE recognized school