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Testimonials 5 Star!

“Several years ago we were looking for a “Next Level” Karate school for our sons Trey and Trevor.  They had started karate a few years back at a very nice multipurpose gym and as their interest and commitment grew we wanted to raise their level of instruction.  My wife and I visited several different schools in the area before eventually settling on Strickland’s  Taekwondo.  One of the first things I noticed is that Mr. Strickland didn’t “sell” me like the other schools, it was more of an invitation to join the family.  Not only have our kids progressed (Trevor (8) is now Sr. Red and Trey (10) is Red) but they are committed to achieving black belt and beyond including Mr. Strickland’s Junior  Instructor program.  I was so impressed with the instruction that my wife and I joined as well!  I will be testing for Sr. Brown soon and my wife Kelly will be testing for her purple belt. 

We really enjoy learning all aspects of Martial Arts taught at the school while getting an excellent workout at the same time (Tuesday nights is a particularly good work out!).  I can typically burn 700+ calories during our 1 hour class which is at least as much as I burn via boot camp.  The difference here is I’m learning AND getting a great workout so as I say it’s mind and body at the same time.  5 stars…Highly recommended!”

~Rick Rizzo - Studen/Parent

  “I started Taekwondo at Mr. Strickland's studio when I was eleven years old. I was three years old when I first started attending Taekwondo and my previous school closed. Mr. Strickland gladly took me in as one of his students.

My parents originally put me in Taekwondo so I could learn to defend myself; little did they know it would be so much more than that. I ultimately ended up being an instructor and second degree senior black belt.

I firmly believe that being in Taekwondo taught me many of the skills I still use today. All of the tenets of Taekwondo I still use to this day. When I first started I thought it was just a silly little saying we said at the beginning of class. These five words have stayed with me and been a motivation.

I am now 24 years old and a registered nurse in pediatrics and Neonatal Intensive Care at Children's Health Dallas. I strongly recommend any child, teenager, or even adult that has any kind of interest or curiosity of what Taekwondo is to try it! You will love it! You will make new friends, learn life long lessons, and get great exercise in too!”

~ Alexandra Gabriella - Student/Instructor

  “Mr. Strickland is an amazing instructor. My wife and three sons have grown both in Taekondo and in self confidence. My wife has taken the Woman self defense course where she learned situational awareness and how to protect herself. This is a place where you can learn Taekondo, grow self confidence, grow as an individual, and have a whole lot of fun.”

~Dan Crabill - Student/Parent

  “ I have been with Mr. Strickland for 6 years.  The instructors and students there are good, trustworthy people.  My family and I have forged life-long friendships there.  We love attending the many school events, such as class in the grass and the guest instructor clinics.  In addition we have the opportunity to see how we do against our peers at regional and national tournaments that TU hosts.”

~Eric Emerson - Student/Instructor

  Thank you, thank you, thank you! Your kind words at the end of testing on Saturday meant so much to me, I know that you have a soft spot for your "special" kids and you show it all of the time. Austin has grown more confident and seems more focused and that is all due to your commitment and respect that you show to all of your students. I was so excited and proud for him to be testing for his blue belt.”

~Julia Mayes - Parent

  “Thank you so much for generous donations of $2002.00 for Apollo Support & Rescue Inc. during the 2013 Break-a-Thon fundraiser event.  As you know, needy animals in our community go without proper food, shelter, and essential veterinarian care every day.  We cant help save these animals off the street or from shelters without donations and volunteers willing to help.  Over 200,000 unwanted and homeless animals are euthanized every year in the DFW area.  Withe generous support of people like you, your staff, and your students, we will be able to continue what we do best...Save homeless animals.   it was so much fun and exciting to watch your students and the willingness of everyone to jump in and help.  We hope we can work with you again one day.

Thank you again, and we look forward to your continued support.”


~Danielle Stewart

President/Founder  ASR

“I have 3 kids going to Strickland Taekwondo. This program has done great things for my children's confidence. The change in attitude has been another positive. This program has helped improve their social skills and provided a leadership challenge for my oldest. We really enjoy being a part of Strickland's Taekwondo.”

~Whitney Mitchell - Parent

  Mr. Strickland’s school is definitely the best school around! My son has been training under Mr. Strickland since he was 6. He's now a 3rd degree black belt and trainee instructor. He enjoys the classes and likes the instructors (Mr. Strickland and Mr. Cain are always funny according to him). Mr. Strickland is an experienced master instructor who really knows how to teach both kids and adults.”

~Denny Chu - Parent

  “My son and I looked at many different martial arts schools in the Flower Mound area. My son had the choice of where he wanted to go. Strickland’s TKD was his only choice and couldn’t be more right! Mr. Strickland and Mr. Cain make the classes fun for the students and students love being at the school. Mr. Strickland and Mr. Cain have also done a great job of creating future instructors and leaders within Strickland’s TKD. I am so impressed with all the great people they have working with my son. They have greatly increased his self-confidence and skills. I am very thankful for all they do.”

~Mark Yanda - Parent

Demo Team

Strickland’s Taekwondo Demonstration Team is a group of elite Black Belts that perform precision martial arts demonstrations set to exciting music. They thrill audiences with amazing tricks, high kicks, strikes, speed and precision.  Their choreographed patterns, extreme board breaking, weapons and awesome self-defense moves make them the best of the best in the school.

Over the years this talented group of young people have greeted returning troops with the Welcome Home a Hero program at the DFW Airport, provided gift baskets of food to the needy and delighted audiences in and around Flower Mound, including the Special Olympics, as well as winning awards at national demo team competitions in Orlando FL., Saddle Brook, NJ., Jackson, MS., and here in Dallas, TX.

Students are invited to join the demo team with tryouts held every year in September.

Team Performance

To book your free demonstration

call 972-691-0777

  Demo Team Face book page

Community Involvement

Here at Strickland’s Taekwondo, we take community involvement very seriously.  Although we are proud to be associated with the national organization, Taekwondo United, our main focus is here in our community in Flower Mound and in the surrounding communities, where we have been in business since 2001.  Our students come from these communities and that is where our heart is!  For this reason, we look for every opportunity to give back to our community.  Our annual board break-a-thon raises several thousand dollars a year for local charities, and our annual food drive supports local churches like St Francis of Assisi.  Here are just a few of the local programs we support:

Special Needs Kids

A day doesn’t go by where a parent or parents stop to thank the instructors at Strickland’s Taekwondo for the improvement in behavior, academics, and most of all self-confidence in their child or children.   Strickland’s Taekwondo has had many children with “Behavior Disorders.”  This is a broad term pretty much used to describe kids in a school setting who are having lots of challenges that may or may not have been diagnosed.  And as the name implies, they generally have behaviors that are distracting, and possibly hurtful, to themselves and others.

Strickland’s Taekwondo system teaches skills that kids with challenges can really use.  Skills like self-control, compassion, creating and nurturing an internal structure, learning about the importance of respect and character.  Through training in Taekwondo, a student builds strength and confidence while being encouraged and supported to become a leader and role model.  At Strickland’s Taekwondo school, each rank is earned through incredibly hard work.  Tests challenge the strength, character and endurance of each student. Practitioners feel the authenticity of that experience along with the deep joy that comes with achievement as they are recognized and appreciated for their growth and development.

At Strickland’s Taekwondo we have taught children with Autism, Aspergers Syndrome, Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder just to name a few.

The Goals we set,

are the goals we get!

We are committed to helping you and/or your child earn a true Black Belt!

Call today to schedule your first class on a journey that could last a lifetime!