Defense Against Aggressive Behavior

Women’s assault defense course

Children’s Anti-abduction class

This is Intense and realistic self-defense training, taught in a safe and supportive setting for both women and children.

This is not your averages martial arts or basic self-defense class. 

Women Defense class

Statistics show that one in four women will be attacked during her lifetime. Women who resist effectively are twice as likely to escape injury as others. This ladies-only class focuses on basic self defense techniques and strategies to help you escape. Wear comfortable clothes because we will practice life-saving strikes and releases to use in a real self defense situation.  We offer this class teaching you how to not be a victim! 

Physical or sexual assault are life changing events, and this personal defense class for women gives survivors of assault another method to assist in healing.  DAAB Self-defense can help reduce the chance of assault by 95%, this defense system has developed into an effective full-force fighting program. It is a thoroughly researched women’s self-defense class.

5 star testimonials for Ladies defense class:

“This class was very empowering. I recommend it to EVERY woman! Thanks to everyone who put it together and thanks also to the other ladies who took the class. It took a lot of guts to do that and I'm proud of all of us!”

~Crystal Crabill - Parent & Student

“This class is something I would encourage every single woman to take!!  I have always thought I would be able to defend myself if I was ever attacked, but I never realized how unprepared I would be until I took this class. This class safely gives you real life experiences and teaches you how to defend yourself and get away from your attackers. I just can't say enough about the experience.  Highly recommend!!!!!”

~Tracy Bielamowicz - Parent & student

   ‘The class is real. It is what it needs to be. The emotional part is as close as you can take someone though it feels a little hokey to me waiting, but somehow you have to raise the adrenalin, the heart rate and heightened sensory experiences and "set the stage" and it works! The size of the class was perfect. I don't know how you can have a larger class and produce the desired result.

The physical tools are amazing. There is no perfect, but I think you have given me an opportunity I would have never had. This behavior is not something I get to practice every day. Full force of mind and body in an attack. And he was not defending himself very much and he was not attacking. But to have the opportunity to safely give it my all was something I cannot easily describe. But it worked. I will never forget openhanded, elbows, and knees, eyes, pressure points,  etc. I just hope I never have to remember. And the tools seem appropriate for all levels of skill.  I believe your DAAB class is one of the most well rounded and impactful self defense classes someone could put together in a single day.   My sweet daughter was scared and did not want to take this class. I was so happy to see her so empowered at the end of the day. TOTALLY worth my time. I have taken this class twice. ‘

~Alicia Dick - Parents & Student

  “Thank you for an amazing experience today in the Women's Defense Class! It was intimidating initially and surprisingly emotional, especially watching my daughter initially face verbal trash and physical intimidation. As I watched her learn how to use her voice, body, and mind to empower herself and protect herself I was one proud mama!!! She commented afterward that she was so glad I "forced" her to come and she'd like to do it again. It was a great experience personally for me, as well. I feel much better prepared should I ever be in a situation that warrants these skills. This is a class every teenage girl and woman should take. It truly could save your life.”

~Caren Crane Reaves - Parent

  Statistically, 1 in 4 women will be attacked in someway at least once in their lifetime.  I have a wife and 3 daughters.  My wife and one of my daughters took this class.  I have to say I sleep easier knowing they have the capability of protecting themselves.”

~William Reaves - Parent & student

  “My wife really enjoyed the class today.  She came home full of energy and empowered.”

~Tom Monson - Parent

“After taking the DAAB class at your studio, I am in awe of how UNAWARE I actually was.  Thank goodness I am now more informed, more strong and more comfortable about situations that may arise and pose a threat.  Every female on the planet needs the skills that your team teaches during the session. 

The “in your face”, real-life scenarios made for a scary but necessary setting.  The opportunity to physically react to abusive contact is invaluable.  That was no “let’s pretend” and “act out” conflict and abuse.  That was, in fact, defend yourself and your life at all cost – against a predator.  THAT is good training.

Thank you for offering this amazing class.  Now, I am armed with reflex type skills that will help to protect me from threat upfront.  I hope you will continue to offer the session so that countless others may too.”


~Emily Pecoraro -Parent

  “Both my daughter's and I have taken this class.  Completely worth taking!  I feel more confident that my girls will be able to defend themselves if something terrible were to happen when they are in college or later in life.  I also feel more confident that I can defend myself and won't be the next Real Estate Agent abducted and harmed by anyone!”

~Monique Reyes -Parent & student

DAAB Class -

(must be 13 or older to participate in the women’s defense class)

Children’s Defense class

The children’s anti-abduction /anti-bullying class gives the child the proper tools and knowledge to know what to do in the event of an attack.

Stop An Attack Before It Happens

•  Female and male instructors work together in a supportive environment

•  Realistic scenario based self-defense training

•  Use full-force physical and verbal defense techniques against a padded assailant

•  Develop the mindset to use personal safety, intuition, and fighting skills effectively

•  Use the power of your voice and body language for boundary setting and de-escalation strategies

•  Learn to use fear and experience to en-power your mind and body

•  Course structure is sensitive to trauma survivors

•  Defense class is taught with small groups.

Free Anti-Bully classes

For your local school or

Scout troop or pack

Mr. Strickland and staff are available for FREE Bully Defense / Anti-Bully seminars for the LISD school system and Charter schools or your local scouting pack.  He has taught classes at iHigh School Flower Mound, Forest Wood Middle School, Prairie Trail Elementary and Bridle Wood Elementary just to name a few.  His instructors have taught bully defense classes for Cub Scouts (Pack 233) and for Girl Scouts Daisies.

He typically brings a few of his instructors with him and teaches a 45 minute non aggressive and passive defense class that engages the students through a Kinesthetic approach, thus the students become do-ers!

He also offers an exciting Taekwondo demonstration to entertain the children as well as part of the class.

Once a year, as a community service, Strickland’s Taekwondo offers a complimentary Bully Defense instruction class in the TKD school free of charge.

Mr. Strickland and all his instructors have had the LISD background check, since they offer External PE and have presented this class to several LISD & Charter schools.


“My name is Leslie Contreras.  My husband and I have lived in the Lewisville/Flower Mound/Highland Village area since 1998.  I am a mother of four boys, a Scout leader, a Religious Education teacher, a school volunteer and an active middle school PTA Board member.  Professionally, I have a CPA license and a real estate license.  My oldest son started school in LISD in 2007 and my triplets began using LISD services in 2007 as well.

I met George Strickland last year when my four boys started taking Taekwondo (TKD) at his school.  Mr. Strickland’s school was highly recommended to me by respected individuals in the community - including an elementary school teacher, Mrs. Barbara Prins at Heritage Elementary School.  George ushered my boys right into classes, encouraged them and they fell in love with the art.  The boys have learned other things from Mr. Strickland besides TKD.  His teaching method encourages confidence, respect (for both yourself and others) and camaraderie.  I have seen my tiniest of my triplets flourish in Mr. Strickland’s program.  He has become more outspoken and more sure of himself.  Earlier this year, this same son was faced with a bullying incident at school and I believe that hearing our family talk about bullying and inner-strength he gained from attending Mr. Strickland’s classes helped him find the voice to speak up about the incident and demand fair treatment.  It takes a village to raise strong, confident children and we are happy that Mr. Strickland is part of our village.

Mr. Strickland also is an avid supporter of giving back to the community.  He holds fund raisers to raise awareness and provide donations to various groups like Hound Haven, Wildlife Rescue and the Food Pantry.  These events promote selflessness in our children.  We need more of that in our society today and I am thankful that he incorporates these types of activities in his program.

On several occasions, I have seen him celebrate with his students, stand behind them when they fail and teach them to persevere.  Our students need more positive reinforcement and need to hear strong messages from our adult community about bullying, self-worth and self-confidence.  I believe that Mr. Strickland possess the qualities, knowledge and skills to deliver these types of messages (which are much needed) effectively to our children.  My husband and I welcome any class taught by Mr. Strickland at the schools in our district.  He is a positive individual with a strong desire to give and teach our children solid foundational life lessons.”  

~Leslie & Alex Contreras - Parents



Students at Forest Wood Middle School

When given the opportunity to have Mr. Strickland and his team we were eager to hear what he had to offer.  The program was fantastic!  

We do the presentation in our PE classes because it is active and engages students.  When we asked our PE coaches about bringing them back this year, they jumped at the chance.  The coaches said the content was timely, pertinent, effective and students truly paid attention.  We can not get enough support in the area of bullying, much less truly effective programs; Mr. Strickland’s is one of the effective programs.  We will continue using them and encourage the school district to offer district wide support.”

~David W. Tickner

Principal - Forestwood Middle School

‘Mr . Strickland has a wonderful Anti -bully program he presents to the students . Mr. Strickland has come to Prairie Trail for the last Three years . He delivers a valuable lesson and the students are very involved in his hands on program. I look forward to his visit to our second graders again this year.” 

~Sherry Bigham

2nd Grade Teacher - Prairie Trail Elementar

Students at iSchool High Flower Mound

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