Celebrating our 15th year in the Flower Mound, Highland Village, Lewisville area.

Come train with the instructor with 35 years experience!

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We are convenient and easy to get too! Located on FM 2499 (Long Prairie Rd.) at Firewheel, in Flower Mound, TX.  Look for our large black KARATE sign with the tiger logo located in front of our beautiful school.  Located just across from the Angel Veterinary Clinic and next door to Jeff Brand State Farm Agency.

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We Are The Best Karate-Martial arts School in Flower Mound, TX

Strickland’s Taekwondo center is over 3800 square feet.  A wall divides the lobby and the workout area with large windows for parents to watch their children in classes.  Thanks to the dividing wall our students can focus more on the curriculum that is being taught in classes and learn it well and quickly.  Parents have the entire lobby to chitchat and students' younger siblings have a space to play without interrupting classes with noise.  We found out that in many other schools the lobby is joined with the training area and the noise is disruptive to those students training.  They have a more difficult time learning the techniques and there is also an increased chance of injury.  We are very proud in being a professional martial arts center that keeps our students focused and safe throughout their journey to Black Belt and beyond.

    The waiting area has comfortable couches to sit on as well as stools to watch class.  There is also an office in the lobby and a pro shop for our students to purchase, t-shirts, safety gear, uniforms and other school related items.  Our training area is covered by a professional martial arts flooring.  The flooring keeps our karate school clean and sanitary. It also minimizes impact on joints from our vigorous but fun karate workouts.

    The entire facility gets cleaned daily!  We believe it is important to make our students, their family members, and friends feel welcome and make them feel comfortable.  Come in and see for yourself. We believe that cleanliness is one of the many other things that sets us apart from others.

Strickland’s Taekwondo is the leading Karate school in Flower Mound, TX. Since our opening in 2001 we have been providing the finest martial arts, self-defense & fitness training for Children, Teens and Adults.  Come see what sets us apart from the rest!

5 Star Testimonials

  “I am honored to be a student of Mr. Strickland's Taekwondo School. I developed life long friendships and a passion for teaching. After reaching my black belt, I began helping instruct classes. I am currently a teacher in Lewisville ISD, and being involved with the Taekwondo school influenced how I help children today. I loved going to class, attending tournaments, and just surrounding myself with positive people. I cannot say enough wonderful things about how the school, instructors, and students shaped my life. I would recommend Strickland's Taekwondo to any parent who wants their child to build confidence, learn patience and determination, and have fun!”

~Jill Diamond Camp - Student

  “I can't say enough positive things about how much both my kids learned from Mr. Strickland and Taekwondo. I initially took my son thinking it would teach him self control and self discipline. It definitely did, but it also taught him so much more. My daughter started after my son, both obtained black belts and are now successful college students. I feel like their experience with Mr. Strickland helped them become the hardworking, self disciplined kids they are today!. Thanks for a great experience!”

~Tammie Wasek Ferguson - Parent

  “The best Taekwondo school in the area! Our 3 children and I have been coming here for over 5 years. It's not just a school but a family! Mr Strickland has been a big influence our children's lives teaching them not just martial arts but to have confidence in themselves, courage and to strive to be the best they can be. It is so easy to see how much he does, not just for his students but for the community by seeing how many kids and adults volunteer their time to teach others. He even offers free anti-bully classes at his school and will also teach a class at your children's school. We are so glad we found this school and are so grateful to Mr. Strickland and every one of the volunteers who encourage us and help us become better and better every day!”

~Monique Nicole Ache Reyes - Parent & Student

“My son loves this place! Thanks for teaching him how to use his energy constructively!”

~Arroxane Tamisan Ullman Eber ~ Parent

  “Talented instructor staff led by outstanding owner, Mr. Strickland is a great instructor with a passion for excellence.”

~Steve Brister - School owner

Bristers Martial Arts Academy

Huntsville, AL.

  “‘Our family was lucky to be among the first students of Mr Strickland's Taekwondo when he moved his school to North Texas. Our goal was to expose our two boys to an alternative to team sports that taught more than just athletics. The tenants of Taekwondo that were instilled at this early age has become a foundation of their lives. What we didn't realize is that we would gain life long friends that to this day are like family. The four of us all achieved our 2nd degree black belt prior to moving away from Highland Village. We have seen other schools and tournaments over the past years but none of them with the same quality or passion that Mr Strickland brings to each class and each student. We were truly lucky to have been taught by one of the best.”

~Brad & Kris Folikns - Students/Instructors

“Thank you so much Stricklands TKD for pushing and training my son Alex Fulco!! We have always admired you and your leadership! This is truly the best school available! Not only has Alex become a 3rd degree black belt we had his little brothers birthday party here and the kids absolutely loved it !! George Strickland and Drew Cain are the best and lead and teach in a loving manner! Attending Strickland’s tkd was the best decision we made besides joining when Alex was 5... now 15!! We look forward to many more years with this school!!”

~Rachael Fulco - Parent

  “I want to express my sincere gratitude for having me at your school this past weekend.  It was an honor and privilege to work with you and your students.  The enthusiasm from everyone is very motivating which made my experience highly enjoyable.  You have always been a great mentor to me and appreciate all the support.  Thank you again for giving me this awesome opportunity.  I look forward to seeing and speaking with you soon.”

~Steve Snyder - School Owner

High Point Martial Arts Training Center

High Point, NC

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“Preparing today for the dangers of tomorrow”

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We are the best martial arts school in the Flower Mound area.

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