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Taekwondo United (TU) is a national martial arts co-op organization with karate schools located all across the United States.  All TU schools adhere to similar guidelines and procedures ensuring the high standards by which we teach, promote students in rank, and project our image and reputation within the community.  TU has developed and certified comprehensive training and fitness programs for our students to follow. This enables both children and adults to progress at their own pace and ensures that we are able to meet the needs of all our students.  Over the years, TU has established a reputation built upon this standard of excellence, accordingly, we do not allow any negative, aggressive behavior, or any misuse of Taekwondo in any manner.  Taekwondo United schools compete exclusively in tournaments sponsored by the national co-op organization. TU sponsors several regional and national tournaments throughout the year and invites all enrolled students to participate in these events.  Taekwondo United was formed in 2010 by former members of Taekwondo America.  Since its formation, the organization has doubled in size and has attracted some of the finest Taekwondo/Martial Arts instructors in the United States.  Taekwondo United practice the traditional style of Taekwondo, "Chung Hun" which means "Blue Cottage".


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Owner and Chief Instructor

Mr. George Strickland
8th Degree Sr. Master Black Belt with over 35 years of experience


Mr. Strickland is a long term resident of Highland Village.  He started his training in Taekwondo in October of 1979 with Mr. Rick Hoadley at the Family Fitness Training Center in Mobile, AL. A member of the American Taekwondo Association (ATA) he received his 1st degree black belt in December 1982. After promoting to 2nd degree in 1984 he became a Sr. Certified instructor and soon began teaching a club of his own in Tillman’s Corner, AL.

In 1986 he was promoted to 3rd degree black belt. In 1988 he turned possession of his club over to another instructor and moved to Charlotte, NC and opened his first full time Taekwondo training center with the United States Taekwondo Alliance (USTA). In 1990 he was promoted to 4th degree black belt.

In 1993 Mr. Strickland broke away from the USTA and he co-founded Taekwondo America (TA).

It was while he lived in Charlotte for 10 years that he trained many students to the rank black belt, of which 5 are now 6th degree masters and have opened schools of their own in N. Charlotte, Mt. Pleasant, Concord, Mooresville (Lake Norman) and Morrisville (Raleigh), NC. as well as in Independence, KY.

Mr. Strickland was a member of the AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) and the National Taekwondo Sports chair for the state of North Carolina, hosting the ’97 qualifying tournament for the Jr. Olympics Games.

He and his instructors coached and judged the Taekwondo event in  the Jr. Olympic Games held in Charlotte in 1997 with many of his students winning the gold medal.

In 1994 he was promoted to 5th degree. In 1998 he sold his school in Charlotte and moved to Dallas, Texas.

In 1999, Mr. Strickland was promoted to 6th degree master instructor. After a 2 year hiatus from teaching, he opened his new school in Highland Village in 2001. Since then he has trained several new students to the rank of 3rd and 4th degree black and Sr. certified instructor respectively. In 2011 he co-founded Taekwondo United (TU), another national organization for independent schools and moved his school to the current location in Flower Mound.

Over the years Mr. Strickland has competed in hundreds of tournaments nationally. He has won National championships in the ATA, USTA, Taekwondo America, and on the open tournament circuit. He has trained several hundred students to the rank of black belt, hosted Regional and National tournaments, conducted seminars, clinics, and camps. He has participated and performed demonstrations in hundreds of cities and has been instrumental in the opening of new Taekwondo schools across the country.

Mr. Strickland has been awarded the “Citation of Merit” from the Muscular Dystrophy Association, and is an avid supporter of community charities. Mr. Strickland continues to work hard at promoting the continued success of both his own Taekwondo center as well as Taekwondo United as one of the premier martial arts organizations in the country.

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